Freeing your healthcare data.

One of the topics that keeps coming up is that of healthcare and technology. Many other industries seem to be adopting technology fast, but healthcare and in particular within the UK’s NHS has failed in the past. Often in very expensive ways.

Within the UK, the approach to NHS technology is generally quite fragmented. Various initiatives happen, but are politically motivated and don’t seem to last longer than it takes for the general population to be aware of them.

We hope this changes, and believe that NHS beta, and NHS digital can make a difference.

One aspect that Ian has been trying to understand for sometime is how the NHS stores patient data.

There’s the Spine. GP’s store data – often via providers such as EMIS. Hospital’s sometimes store data. Sometimes they just get patients to fill in their record on paper. This is incredibly inefficient. Yes, we need to respect privacy, but ultimately patients don’t know all the details of their own record on demand. Medical practitioners don’t seem be getting all the information they need to make effective decisions. Lives could be improved by the communication of patient data, in a secure, and timely manner.

We’ll post more about our involvement, our ideas, and explore some solutions that we see we can get involved with.

Look forward to many future conversations.

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